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Self-portrait by a Window,1 [17 3/4 x 24 in.]   2002

The mturner of mturner.org is Myron Turner, the developer of fckgLite (the fckg plugin) and ckgedit, which are widely used WYSIWYG editors for Dokuwiki. fckgLite, now deprecated, was downloaded by more than 24,000 individual sites for a total of more than 70,000 downloads1) . Ckgedit is the primary WYSIWYG for Dokuwiki. It is well supported and kept current. mturner.org also supports many other plugins and features for Dokuwiki. Myron Turner is also an award-winning printmaker and a web artist (room535.org). He maintains a searchable news feed database of art items, ArsRSS, which has served millions of news items to its users, and he has an interactive children's Picture book: Green Is a Color.

“How many pictures have you painted in your life?” Wallander asked.
“You ask me that every time you come here,” his father said.
“How am I supposed to keep track? What would be the point?
The main thing is that they're all the same”.
–Henning Mankell, The Fifth Woman

Stopped counting as of June 2014.

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