XML_Pullparser and eXcavator

XML_PullParser moves the API of the PHP XML facility from an event-based model to a token-based model. Instead of processing data as it is passed from the parser to callbacks, a script using PullParser requests tokens. Tokens are arrays representing XML structures, which become available in the order in which they appear in the document being parsed. Methods are provided both to get tokens and to extract their data. eXcavator is an XML query processing class that sits on top of XML_PullParser. Its aim is to provide PHP developers with a facility for integrating XML queries into both command line and web applications. Queries are constructed using a small query language that will not be totally unfamiliar to progammers or users familar with XPath and XQuery. It returns query results in several formats suitable for both text and html and can integrate text and query results in user-defined templates for virtually any type of output.

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