DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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fckgLite Version 05

Version 05 eliminates the earlier three-fold distribution system. Now there is only a single distribution, which supports non-Roman characters in URL 's and path names, as in the previous 03 distributions; and using configuration settings1), it can be converted into a completely open installation, where everyone has complete access to the file system, as in the previous 0 distributions.



Contains all of the features described on this page.

Version 05 Features, Upgrades, and Fixes


There are several changes to the GUI, including new buttons, which reflect the addition of the new back-up and restore system, which is explained below; the GUI is also illustrated and described on the features page. Other changes to the GUI are:

  • Keyboard short cuts for headers and monospace.
    1. Ctrl + 1 - 5 will create the five Dokuwiki headers
    2. Ctrl + 0, equal to 'Normal' in the Headers menu: will remove headers and code blocks
    3. Ctrl + m will set text selection to monospace.
  • A small change, but one reflecting their functions more accurately, the Style menu has been re-named “Headers” and the “Format” menu has been re-named 'Code Types'.
  • Finally, the minor edit checkbox has been restored; it was lost after some changes to Dokuwiki's handling of form elements.

Code Blocks

  • Implemented code blocks inside tables and fixed line spacing inside code blcks to more accurately reflect editing.
  • Added support for nested code markup; that is, code markup can be included in a file block and vice versa
  • Partial fix for creating non-parsed blocks in IE .
    • IE fails to pick up the class attribute for non-parsed blocks from the Style menu, which is what identifies what kind of block is involved, code or file. See the Code block hack for IE entry in the faq document for how to handle this problem
  • Fixed issue where back-slash characters were lost when re-loading a file after it had been saved. See the code block at the bottom of this page (dokuwiki_markup_support ).

Paste Word Tool

  1. Fixed Paste from Word tool so that it handles both MS Word and Excel texts.
  2. Improvement to PasteWord: In dialog/fck_paste.js created regex that removes HTML paragraph markup from table cells. This will not always work with tables that have been copied from Excel into Word, where the text within the paragraphs contains newlines.
  3. Removed paragraph markup from MS Word table cells in Gecko browsers.

Spell Checker

An effort has been made to make the Spell Checker more user friendly.

  1. Introduced updated version of the spellchecker which fixes unrecoverable errors that would freeze the spellchecker. Offers option of clicking OK when the spellchecker comes to an end of its check and fails to exit cleanly. The OK button also enables an exit before the spellechecker exits on its own.
  2. Automated OS detection for the aspell binary, so that correct binary is called for either Windows or *nix systems

Back Up Feature

There is a now backup feature for the editor, activated by a new Back-up button. It backs up whatever is in the editor window; in other words, in the case of section editing it saves only the section being edited. There is a companion button named Revert. Clicking on Revert will restore to the editing window whatever had been saved during the last back-up. There is a warning activated by the Revert button if backup buffer is empty to prevent accidental replacement by the emtpy buffer.

There is also a configuration option which enables the backed up material to be saved to a meta-file in the meta directory. This meta-file has the same name as the file being edited, and issaved to the meta directory for the document's namespace. The file's extension is '.fckg'. This means that a file with the id wiki:temp will be backed up to meta/wiki/temp.fckg. This feature is turned off by defaul and has to be turned on by an administrator in the configuration manager.

Clicking the the Back-up button also resets the lock timer, which was the function of the old Refresh button, which it replaces.

File Browser

There have been a number of upgrades to the file browser.

  1. Facility to delete files from the file browser dialog.
  2. Improved algorithm for checking ACL in command.php, offshoot of above.
  3. New configuration manager setting to enable folder creation in file browser. Guests are prevented from creating folders, even if folder creation is enabled.
  4. Added urlencoding to folder names when creating folders.
  5. Brought file browser colors into accord with tool bar's silver skin.
  6. Added support for ACL %USER% wildcard.
  7. Upgraded non-Roman character handling, to correctly process multi-level subdirectories and ACL in file uploads.
  8. Fixed link dialog window so that it displays the complete dialog in Ubuntu and enabled scrolling.

Dokuwiki Markup Support

1. Monospace markup now supports html entities, as in Dokuwiki.The entity definitions on the entities doucmentation page were formatted with monospace.

2. Internal word and number characters can now be marked with formatting character without opening a space after the character. This works only with single formatting, i.e. it will not work if a character is marked as both bold and italic. For instance: this is bold.

3. Nested lists now support bold, underline and italic:

  • item 1
    • nested italic
    • nested 2
  • item 2

Nested lists do not support the strikeout markup.

4. Fixed bug which mistook internal links for media files when the internal links had dot in file name, e.g.

5. Implemented escapes in plugin syntax for troublesome characters like asterisks. The escape is to bracket these characters in back-slashes, which prevents the parser from escaping them with Dokuwiki-style percent signs and threfore breaking the code. Here, for instance, is an example of an escaped asterisk in the filelist plugin and below it the Dokuwiki-style escape:


Set ACL to 'none', and enable open browsing and the creating of folders.