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Configuring HTML entities

For an explanation of HTML entities, see the configuration page.

Adding Entities to the Entities Defintions Array.

You create an Entity definition file with the format illustrated below, and then run the php script ents_seri.php. You do this in the directory fckg/action/entities.

Name your definitions file add.ent

Then at the command line type:

  php ents_seri.php

Alternatively, you can give your entity definition file any name you want and feed the file name to the script at the command line:

       php ents_seri.php  your_entity_file

This creates a new entities file called ent.ser, which must then be copied to the fckg/action subdirectory. You would be wise to first back up the original ent.ser before over-writing it.

There are two definition files in the action/entities: and These are required and must not be removed from the directory. To find the specifications for your additional entities consult the following web site:

Format of the entities definition file

The definition file has the following format:

entity numeric code
entity character code

entity numeric code
entity character code


There is one empty line between each definition. Here is an actual example.