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rly when these appear in syntax plugins. See the Changes for 11 [[:fckl_changes_2010#oct_2010|October]] and 27-28 [[:fckl_changes_2010#dec_2010|December]] 2010; also see the [[:faq#html_... #moving_files|moving ]] files. Also, the [[:fckl_changes_2011#february_2011|change log]]. * Unfortunat
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==== {{tag>gui keyboard keys}} There are several changes to the GUI, including new buttons, which reflect ... [:features#user_interface|features]] page. Other changes to the GUI are: * Keyboard short cuts for h... heckbox has been restored; it was lost after some changes to Dokuwiki's handling of form elements. =====
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ibility browsers windows-8 IE10 IE9}} Because of changes to IE 9 and Firefox 6, you must use version 06 or... ===== IE 9+ Compatibility Mode ===== Because of changes to Internet Explorer 9 and later, fckgLite must b
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ox labeled "edit a syntax plugin" - Make your changes. \\ The plugin editor is not infallible; there