DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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Change Log for fckgLite

Jan 2010

1 Jan (Branch 01.03)

  • Implemented an ACL aware file browser. Currently in an experimental state. The ACL permissions can be turned off in the Configuration Manager by changing the default setting for the file browser from 'acl' to 'none'. Unlike the Dokuwiki Media Manager, the file browser does not show the entire directory hierarchy. Rather, it opens in the current name-space hierarchy, in the topmost directory for which the user has write permission. This means, of course, that the user may be cut off from another branch in the data directory for which he or she has valid permission to read/write or upload.

5 Jan (Branch 01.03)

  • Changed base for creating session id, so that it is guaranteed to be unique across sessions.

6 Jan

  • Fixed plugin escapes so that plugins using ampersands are correctly handled.

10 Jan (Branch 02.03)

  • Upgraded and fixed acl recognition code for file folders
  • Implemented color-coded file folder icons: blue = read-only, yellow=uploadable
  • Added code to create new folders in data/media when they are not created by the file browser. This happens when the browser opens in a folder that is hierarchically prior to a new namespace in which a document file has been created.
  • Added a configuration setting for 'open browser', which enables users to freely navigate the data/pages directory but acl still applies, unless turned off as explained in the Jan 1 posting above.

14 January (02.03.10-Jan_14-13_13)

  • Instead of a direct switch between editors, as in previous versions, the document is first saved; then the user is transferred out of the editor. When the user then clicks on an edit button, the editor opens in native Dokuwiki editing mode. This change was prompted by some rather elusive, hard to replicate occasions where data was lost when a direct switch between editors was made.

15 Jan

  • Added support to all branches for Dokuwiki email markup.

16 Jan (02.03-Jan_16-09_53)

  • One user reported a CSRF security alert on his organization's server, which arose because fckgLite creates its own session that runs parallel to that created by Dokuwiki. There is now a configuration setting which can be set to true if this occurs, enabling fckgLite to piggy-back on the Dokuwik session. This eliminates the alert. Reworked persistent directory creation problem in commands.php GetFoldersAndFiles(), where it is necessary to create sequences of subdirectories from top level directory. Appears to be fixed now for both Linux and Windows, works in Mac OSX Darwin, which uses a different alogorithm.

17 Jan (02.03-Jan_17-08_44)

  • Directory creation: was duplicating the directory sequences inside the lower-most directory when directories were created by a standard user (without admin or open browser privileges). Fixed.
  • Needed different sets of tests for Linux, Windows, Darwin, to determine top level directory when creating subdirectories from top level.

19 Jan (0.03, 02.03)

  • Added Dokuwiki sup, sub, and del markup to tags which are not escaped in edit.php; otherwise they are treated as in-text HTML and on re-edit they are escaped and show up as text. Added fix so that Dokuwiki headers do not gobble up image syntax and treat it as plain header text.Synched 0.03 edotor switching with 02.03. See 14 Jan above.

20 Jan(0.03,02.03)

  • Updated FCKeditor's About panel include a tab for fckgLite with its copyright, as one-line description, and the subversion number.

21 Jan (02.03)

  • Fixed bug which prevented open browsing from coming fully into effect; file commands.php, function has_permission.

24 Jan (0.30)

  • Updated spellechecker: aspell.php and spellerpages.php. Checks Dokuwiki $conf['lang'] setting when initializing spellechecker. If a language has not been selected using the language button in the editing window, spellcheck defaults to $conf['lang'] and if that is not set, then to 'en'. When aspell.php opens to select a language, the radio button for the currently selected or else default language is initially checked and can then be changed if need be.
  • config.php:
    1. Fixed bug in DWFCK_is_ OS, changing stristr($os. PHP _ OS ) to stristr($os, PHP _ OS )changed name of getBaseURL() to getBaseURL_fck(); prevent any possible future conflicts with imported files from DokuwikiAdded code to create $Config['AllowedExtensions']['File'] from Dokuwil mime.conf

26 Jan (0.30, 02.03)

  • Added to plugins regex, so that it is always recognized (since it is not a true plugin.
  • Converted markup for <BR> to '\\\\' from ”\n”, so that now the P→<BR> tool works correctly

31 Jan (0.30, 02.03)

  • Upgraded plugin recognition alogorithm, so that most plugns shoujld now be automatically recgnized and not need escaping with the plugin tool.

Feb 2010

16 Feb (03.03)

  • Missing support for non-roman file names implemented.

23 Feb (0.03,02.03,03.03)

  • Re-worked coding to accommodate bold and italic at intersections of nested lists, includes fix for code blocks which require the tag for li to be set to empty when lists are ended.

24-25 Feb (all versions)

  • Fixed bug in 23 Feb version which caused parser to report _false_ when encountering certain url conditions.
  • Added ~NOCACHE~~ to default plugins in edit.php get_plugins()

27 Feb (all versions)

  • Added language support to FCKeditor window in edit.php. Added a lang directory to
    fckg/lang where lang files designated <lang>.php are stored. Defaults to en.php.
    The language array is named $fckg_lang.
  • Added support in edit.php parser for

Mar 2010

2 Mar (all versions)

  • Removed Save Button from FCK Preview Window. There was a danger that Saving from this window, either from a section edit or after pressing the Preview button, would cause duplication of text. This window is now what it says, i.e. a means to preview what the results will be when formatted by Dokuwiki.

4 Mar (03.03)

  • Added $TEXT = rawurldecode($TEXT) to action/save.php to decode any per-cent sequences left in the file. That is, this converts percent sign encodings back to original characters.

20 Mar (all versions)

  • Fix for broken bulleted list coming at top of file; in action/save.php, which removed all initial spaces at top of file, hence corrupting list markup, which require initial spaces. Numbered lists were not affected, since they were already by-passed.

22 Mar (all versions)

  • Added support for multi-line plugins which need to replace DW newline markup with standard new lines. So that <br /> in parser subsitutes new lines instead of \\. This involved new plugin class: syntax/special.php. For more info see extras/README-MULTILINE-PLUGINS.
  • Fixed bug in handling of Dokuwik internal links when produced via nice urls. The parser would miss these after reloading a page for re-editing.

23 Mar (all versions)

  • Removed unused input fields from table dialogue at fckeditor/editor/dialog/table.html

26 Mar (all versions)

  • included syntax/special.php which had been left out of previous distributions but needed for multiline plugin support.

29-30 Mar (all versions)

  • Removed align field from table dialog
  • Added fix for https urls in edit.php at current line 750, changing regex from /http:/ to /https*:/

April 2010

1 April (all versions)

  • Fixed bug in nice url handling of internal media files
  • Upgraded handling of email urls:
    1. added email option to url dialog
    2. added mailto recongition to parser in edit.php

4 April (all versions)

  • Added a space character to the right of the stet plugin, which otherwise swallows it up. This required adding a space character in both dwplugin.php (l. 58) and in edit.php (l. 206)
  • Disabled preview button checkbox during section edits for FCK Preview, since saving a document after previewing a section results in duplication of text on page.
  • Re-worked spacing between formatting characters and text or punctuation that follows, so that there is no space between format and following punctuation and one space between formatting and other characters.

6 Apr (all versions)

  • Updated spacing algorithm for format characters (see 4 Apr). Added missing punctuation characters (comma, question mark) to regex which matches for punctuation
  • Added Dokuwiki line break character to end of tables in Javascript parser (edit.php).

7 Apr (0.03)

  • Sanitized user-created directory names in file browser upload dialog, so that they
    now conform to Dokuwiki's file naming conventions. To do this, a session item was
    appended to the Dokuwiki session in meta.php and picked up in the FCKeditor's
    filebrowser/php/commands.php. This item is same as in acl-versions, the $dwfck_conf
    array, which holds data on configuration of names. A cookie was added FCK_NmSp_nacl,
    which mirrors the ACL FCK_NmSp_acl, and is tested for in commands.php, where if the
    session variable is not visible, it is set to the session string which is held
    in the cookie.

7 Apr (all versions)

  • Re-did end of table markup by adding <br> to end of table in renderer.php and removing Dokuwiki line break markup from end of table. Gives best results in both IE and Firefox, though there are differences in output (which can be lived with).

8 Apr (all versions)

  • Revised Javascript function aspell_window(), where for aspell.php was not always finding aspell.php. Gave it the full url to aspell.php instead of relative.

10 April (all versions)

  • Added Confirmation query to FCK editor's Delete Button
  • Fixed Confirmation query for 'FCK Editor' Button in the native DW editor. This button switches from native DW editor back to FCK editor. Previously, when Cancel was clicked the native editor was exited and any new work was lost. Now, if the user clicks Cancel, the editor is not exited and the user can then click Save. When the Save button is clicked the work is saved and the next time an edit button is clicked, the user will be in the FCK Editor.
  • Removed space before hypen following format character string. Added support for mdash and ndash characters following format character string: here space will be retained. (Format
    means bold, italic, underline, delete).

12 Apr (all versions)

  • When switching back into FCKeditor from DW editor after new edits have been made in DW editor:
    1. Eliminated duplicate confirmation if Cancel clicked in response to confirmation query warning you that unsaved edits will be lost.
    2. Fixed blocked Cancel button that occurred after clicking Cancel to confirmation query.
  • In 02.03 and 03.03 Added Configuration setting that enables administrator to hide DW Edit button. Three choices, which are all: display button to all users; admin: to administrators or wiki managers only; none: to no users at all.

15 Apr (All versions)

  • Appended line break at end of code blocks (file and pre) in render.php.
  • Put error suppressing @ on call to getConf('dw_edit_display') in edit.php dw_edit_displayed(), because 'dw_edit_display' is not a feature of 0.03.

20 Apr (0.03)

  • Fix to edit.php dw_edit_displayed() so that 0.03 could get DW Edit button

20 Apr (All versions)

  • Improved algorithm for handling multi-line plugin blocks. The entire block is treated literally in the editor, so that the parser does not have to parse the HTML created by the plugin; instead the multi-line block is saved as is to the DW file. The escape for open angle brackets is changed from an italicized open bracket to an open bracket followed by a space.

22 Apr (All versions)

  • Revised handling of non-parsed blocks in the FCKeditor area. Previously, when blocks immediately followed one another, FCKeditor gave no access to the line between them, so the user could not add text in between the blocks. Also, if a non-parsed block came at the end of a page or section, the user would be stuck in the block and could not get to the line following. The fix for this has been to insert a span containing a ' ;' after each non-parsed block. This is not carried over into the Dokuwiki file and only has a function inside the FCKeditor window. What this means, however, is that there will appear to be a space after blocks which is the size of a paragraph break. But once the file is saved, this space disappears.

23 Apr (All versions)

  • When switching from the native DW editor back to the FCK Editor parts of the document may be duplicated if the user is in a section edit. The solution is to change the action of the 'FCK Edit' button from 'edit' to 'cancel', which means that the user is no longer returned immediately back to the FCK Editor Window but, instead, clicking “FCK Edit”, now returns the user to the browser. The user is warned in advance that any edits will be lost unless first saved.

24 Apr (All versions)

  • Added nested unordered list plugin to FCKeditor. This sits on top of the nested list code in the parser in edit.php and so needs no extra coding apart from the plugin itself.

26 Apr (All versions)

  • Minor language updates for FCKeditor.

27 Apr (All versions)

  • Replaced <BR> in render.php close_table() with 'np_break' span, as done for non-parsed blocks, and changed the line-height of the span's character from 10% to 50%. The span insures that when reloading a table in FCKeditor, there is always a line beneath the table, so that if two tables are vertically butted against each other, there is space between them to enter text and if a table is the final item, the cursor does not get locked inside the table. The span is discarded when the document is saved, unlike the <BR>.
  • Added Russian language support to action/lang.

May 2010

3 May

  • Added Geshi support for both code blocks and downloadable snippets. These use a new FCKeditor plugin called geshi and updates to fckconfig.js, edit.php, and fck_editorarea.css. The geshi plugin gets a list of language types from the Geshi_Types array in fckconfig.js.

4 May

  • Updated geshi plugin
    1. Added language variables for tooltip and title. These have to be created in a language file in the geshi/lang directory, in a .js file named for the two letter language code of the current language. A change is needed in fckeditor/fckconfig.js. Add your language code to the following line:
      • FCKConfig.Plugins.Add( 'geshi', 'en') ;
      • For German, for instance, this would updated to: FCKConfig.Plugins.Add( 'geshi', 'en,de') ; All translations can be included in the geshi/lang .js files. Use en.js as a model.
    • Added two HTML line breaks to empty code blocks, so that text can be added to empty code blocks. These disappear after text is added and the block is saved. Without the line breaks, adding text to an empty code block casues the block to disappear.

5 May

  • Removed “FCK Preview” button, which was hold over from DokuWikFCK, where it enables users to view the DokuWikiFCK markup and make changes to it. This window has no real use for fckgLite, where it is simply a second native DW editor window.
  • Removed the Preview button when user is in the draft recovery window, because clicking Preview when recovering a draft loses the document.
  • Made draft recovery window writable; it had been disabled for FCK Preview draft recoveries.
  • Fixes to Geshi plugin: removed newlines before semi-colons; added line-height 125% to Geshi file blocks in FCKeditor, where the line-spacing was narrowed to less than 1 line.

6 May

  • Fix in geshi/fckplugin.js to handle insertion of HTML into Safari and Chrome.

7 May

  • Initial distributions of the 04 version; 03 not yet discontinued.

8 May

  • Implemented process for inserting Dokuwiki emoticons into the FCKeditor window. They are inserted as text and then afterwards display in the browser as images. They are accessed from the same Smiley tool as the FCKeditor smileys. (See Changes file for further details.)
  • Updated lang/lang-template.txt to reflect all recent language updates

10 May

  • Added configuration option which allows admin to choose whether smileys will show up as text or as images in FCKeditor window after the initial save. In either case the inital insertion is as text.

June 2010

4 Jun

  • Fixed bug in edit.php which corrupted urls in footnotes. (See Changes file for details.)

7 Jun

  • Fixed error in handling of user_rewrite urls, which were corrupted on saves subsequent to the initial save.

15 Jun

  • Converted forward slashes in user rewrite 1 image urls to colons, eg. playground/img.png to playground:img.png

26 Jun

  • Added case insensitive recognition of image extensions in edit.php attribute loop when media type is assigned to media_type variable. This accommodates, for instance, PNG extensions as well as png.
  • In cases of nice urls, prepended root directory colon to internal links, which was already done for internal links that do not use nice urls.
  • In cases of nice urls, prepended root directory colon to non-Dokuwiki internal files, e.g. .pdf, .doc.

27 Jun

  • Updated copyright information, making it consistent with gpl v2 in all code modules, including in the about tab of toolbar.

28 Jun

  • Added fix to handle asterisk (*) in plugin regexes.

30 Jun (0.04, 02.04,03.04)

  • Impelemented re-editing function for link tool, so that when user selects a link for editing, the relevant link type dialog appears with the appropriate Dokuwiki markup in the text box, which can then be edited. (See Changes file for details.)

July 2010

4 Jul

  • As of this date, the official version of fckgLite is version 04 and the web site has been updated to reflect this change. The 03 series (0.03.,02.03, and 03.03) is still available but it will no longer be maintained.

10 Jul

  • Fixed bug in handling of multi-line blocks inside table cells. These were not recognized when initially created but only after saves. The boolean HTMLParser_TABLE was set to true only when parsing HTML that had already been saved once. This boolean signals parser to replace paragraph insertion codes with Dowkuwiki forced line breaks (\\).

11 Jul

  • Removed extra forward slash from parent folder path in io.php CreateServerFolder(), which caused XML error on some systems.

12 Jul

  • Corrected license info in FckgLite tab of About pop-up. Removed “Permission required for commercial use” statement.

16 Jul

  • Implemented code blocks inside tables and fixed line spacing inside code blocks to more accurately reflect editing.

16 Jul

  • Implemented code blocks inside tables and fixed line spacing inside code blcks to more accurately reflect editing.

19 Jul

  • Fixed Paste from Word tool so that it handles both MS Word and Excel texts.
  • Improvement to PasteWord: In dialog/fck_paste.js created regex that removes
    HTML paragraph markup from table cells. This will not always work with tables
    that have been copied from Excel into Word, where the text witin the paragraphs
    contains newlines.
  • Removed paragraph markup from MS Word table cells in Gecko browsers.

21 Jul

  • edit.php: chars(): removed %% escapes from windows path backslashes.

25 Jul

  • Added support for nested code markup; so that is, as in standard Dokuwiki, < code > markup can appear in < file > blocks and vice versa.
  • Monospace markup now supports html entities, as in Dokuwiki.

28 Jul

  • In fckeditor/editor/php/config.php: created access to Dokuwiki's 'conf/dokuwiki.php' and its static $conf values.
    1. Used in php/config.php to assign Dokuwiki's file and directory create permissions to the FCKeditor's $Config['ChmodOnUpload'] and $Config['ChmodOnFolderCreate'].
    2. Used in commands.php FileUpload() to set sepchar, deaccent, and useslash, if session fails.

29 Jul

  • Upgraded the spell-checker scripts, aspell.php and spellechecker.php. Added OS detection to both and in aspell.php changed the Windows path to the full Windows path C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell.exe; otherwise it will not be found on systems where aspell has not been set in the Path Environment variable.

30 Jul

  • Automated binary checking for aspell in new script fckeditor/is_aspellWindows.php; this script is required by both aspell.php and spellerpages.php, and will assign the correct binary for Windows or Unix systems.
  • In aspell.php:
    1. added path variable for FCK_aspell cookie as path=/ so that cookie is accessible to spellerpages.php, which is otherwise outside the allowed directory for this cookie
    2. added require_once('is_aspellWindows.php').
    3. Also edited the error message printed to screen when binary fails to alert
  1. spellerpages.php: added require_once('../../../../../../../../../conf/dokuwiki.php') to get access to dokuwiki's static config values for default language setting.

August 2010

3 Aug

  • Introduced updated version of the spellchecker which attempts to deal with unrecoverable errors that freeze the spellchecker. It also gives the user the option of clicking OK when the spellchecker comes to an end of its check and fails to exit cleanly.
    The OK button also enables an exit before the spellechecker exits on its own.

4 Aug

  • Changed $_REQUEST['id'] to $ID, when creating FCK_NmSp cookie, since $_REQUESt['id'] doesn't work with user rewrites.

8 Aug

  • Attempt to fix spellchecker which chokes on urls. The fix is in fck_spellerpages.html, where internals of urls are initially replaced by indexes (in onload) and then re-inserted at end of check in oSpeller_OnFinished.

9 Aug

  • Added space character after external mime markup in parser's end() function by changing tag from “}}” to “}} ”.

15 Aug

  • Fixed bug which mistook internal links for media files when the internal links had dot in file name, e.g.

16 Aug

  • Upgraded fckg_link.js to distinguish between media files and internal urls when site is using nice urls. (This bug may have crept in with Aug 15th fix)
  • Fixed bug in edit.php which assigned namespace value to title attribute without pre-pending colon. Affects only nice urls.

18 Aug

  • Fixed unrecognized urlencoded image paths when image is displayed in FCKeditor and in the FCKeditor's image preview pane.

19 Aug

  • Fixed bug in file uploads and directory listings of filebrowser giving incorrect directory for non-admin user when non-admin user was not in root directory.

20 Aug

  • Fixed path to media directory in config.php for Windows systems; was corrupted by previous edits of Aug 19.
  • Fixed bug in util.php folder_as_entities() which caused file browser to fail with Can't create directory message in Windows or windows Style 03 distributions.

25 Aug

  • Removed debugging file output from connectors/php/util.php.

31 Aug

  • Fixed bug which caused browser to be corrupted when double or triple dash (em and en dashes) was included in headers. Replaced them in edit.php chars() with — and – when occurring in headers, otherwise leaving them as is for Dokuwiki to handle.

Sep 2010

6 Sep

  • Fixed bugs in non-acl distribution:
    1. bug which prevented non-admin users from seeing entire directory listing (fix is to set dwfck[isadmin] session vriable to true for all users).
    2. bug which prevented creation of directories (fix was to go back to original version of CreateFolder() in commands.php which gives access to $_GET global, where $_GET['NewFolderName'] holds the name of the folder to be created; this was accidentally deleted)
    3. bug which prevented creation of directories (fix was to go back to original version of CreateFolder() in commands.php which gives access to $_GET global, where $_GET['NewFolderName'] holds the name of the folder to be created; this was accidentally deleted)
  • Harmonized session id cookie of 0.04 distro with that of 02 and 03, so that now all distros use the same cookie for this purpose.

8 Sep

  • Upgraded filebrowser/connectors/php to work with Ubuntu which requires Cookie array instead of Request array to access the namespace and session id cookies.

10 Sep

  • Added Dokuwiki name sanitizing to Folder creation in non- ACL distribution.
  • Implemented a backup feature for the editor, which backs up whatever is in the editor window to a file in the meta directory named <namespace>.fckg. In other words, in the case of section editing it saves only the section being edited. This save occurs when the Refresh button is pressed. (See below 12 Sep.)
  • Also, when Refresh is pressed the current state of the document is saved in a hidden window. A new Revert button has been added which will cause this saved text to be restored to the editing window. The saved text remains in memory until the Refresh button is once again pressed, when it is replaced by whatever is currently in the editing window.
  • Added a configuration setting to the configuration manager which enables admin to turn on and off the saving of backup files to the meta directory. The default setting is false. So this must be set to true if the admin wants backup files to be saved. This setting does not affect the Revert mechanism in the browser.

12 Sep

  • Changed name of Revert button to “Back-Up”; it still does a lock timer refresh but the name reflects more accurately the purpose of the button. Changes are made in action/lang/en.php for name change.
  • Minor changes in edit.php to (1) prevent duplicate loading of en.php as default language file and (2) to assign correct button and title strings for the Refresh/Back-Up button, in event that older language files have not yet created strings for Back-Up button and title.

13 Sep

  • Added facility to delete files from file browser. Required changes to command.php, to which was added UnlinkFile(), config.php, and connector.php.
  • Improved algorithm for checking ACL in command.php, offshoot of above.


  • Added new configuration manager setting to enable folder creation in file browser. Guests are prevented from creating folders, even if folder creation is enabled.
  • Added urlencoding to folder names when creating folders.
  • Added warning to Revert button for empty backup buffer.

15 Sep

  • Partial fix for creating non-parsed blocks in IE .
    IE fails to pick up the class attribute for non-parsed blocks from the Style menu, which is what identifies what kind of block is involved, code or file. Consequently the attribute resolves to 'false', resulting in a start tag of <false>. The hack to get around this is described here. Because of the missing attribute, the parser can't know the type of block required. However, it now picks up the initial false result and creates a valid code block on the first try. To create a file block, you still have to use the double selection method.

18 Sep

  • Minor change to edit.php in parse_wikitext(), start()→ attribute loop: incorporated else href clause into if 'a' clause.
  • Added Backup message indicating that a backup has been made and to which file. Appears below editing window and editing window buttons.

19 Sep

  • Brought file browser colors into accord with tool bar's silver skin.

20 Sep

  • Fixed style issue in fck_image.html and fckg_link.html which prevented full display of image and link dialog until they were either re-accessed or a text was entered into the editor window. This was not an issue in Firefox; it seems to have been a matter of a delay in the Javascript enabling elements where the display style was set initially to none.

21 Sep

  • Added confirmation check for deleting files using the file browser. In frmresourceslist.html UnlinkFile, returns false if Cancel.

22 Sep

  • Reconfigured the backup message which, when too long for the browser, slightly corrupted display.

23 Sep

  • Added support for ACL %USER% wildcard. With this distribution, fckgLite initiates version 05, which eliminates the earlier three-fold versioning system. This version can be used for non-Roman characters in URL 's and path names, the previous 03 distribution; and using configuration settings it can be turned into a non- ACL, single user installation, which in previous versions was the 0 distribution.

24 Sep

  • Fixed bug in edit.php in url decoding of image src attribute in condition where double decoding occurs. The bug took its conversion object from the matches array instead of from the src variable which had been created from matchs[1] and had replaced all forward slashes with colons for Dokuwiki namespace compatability.

25 Sep

  • Removed debugging output from check_acl.php
  • Upgraded non-Roman character handling in command.php and frmresourceslist.html, so that they correctly process multi-level subdirectories and ACL in file uploads. Added new function encode_dir to commands.php to properly encode paths.

28 Sep

  • See 22 Nov 2009. Internal word character can now be marked with formatting character without opening a space after the character. This works only with single formatting, i.e. it will not work if a character is marked as both bold and italic.

29 Sep

  • Fixed link dialog window so that it displays the complete dialog in Ubuntu. In js/fckeditorcode_gecko.js, added code that recognizes Ubuntu and changes size of height and width. In dialog/fck_link.html body tag enabled scrolling and auto overflow in style attribute.

30 Sep

  • Internal number characters can now be formatted.

See Sep 28.

Oct 2010

3 Oct

  • Restored lost minor edit checkbox to editing window (lost probably due to changes in DW's handling of form elements in the past year).

10 Oct

  • “Lazy Sunday”: Possible problem loading fckgLite's javascript with Dokuwiki's standard interface. The following describes the fix. The function LoadScript() has been moved to meta.php's fck_editor() function so that it can be accessible from both the FCKeditor and from the Dokuwiki editor. Previously it was included in edit.php and accessible only from FCKeditor. A compressed version of script.js has been placed in fckg/scripts, which is called script-cmpr.js. This script is called in the event that Dokuwiki fails to load fckgLite's standard javascript file.

11 Oct

  • Implemented escapes in plugin syntax for troublesome characters like asterisks, which consists of bracketing them in back slashes. Otherwise they are escaped in Dokuwiki style percent characters, which breaks the plugin syntax.

12 Oct

  • Changed names of Style and Format menus to “Code Types” and “Headers”.

13 Oct

  • Added CTRL-key combos to create headers and monospace from keyboard. For headers CRTL-1 to CTRL-5 create the five header sizes. CTRL-M creates monospace.

14 Oct

  • Fixed spacing to right of Acronyms, so that it handles punctuation, like dashes, correctly, no space where there is no space, space where there is: ACL-compliant and ACL- compliant. Uses place holder to mark location.
  • Fixed bug in handling of footnotes created by footnote editor. (Text following the note number was being lopped off and spaces after note number did not parse correctly.
  • Fixed bug which caused new-lines to be placed around internal links when they link to the same page that they are on. Primarily a problem in lists which they corrupted. Resulted from a span of class=curid, which identify and supposedly highlight those links and which enclose those links. (curid = currents id?)

15 Oct

  • Fixed unintended consequence of 11 Oct escape for plugins, i.e. that it deleted the dokuwiki markup for line ends.
  • Added CTRL+0 to keyboard shortcuts, which behaves as Normal from headers menu, in effect converts the current header markup to p and will convert code blocks to p.

17 Oct

  • Removed extra newlines from nested lists when list texts have formatted element, underline, bold, italic. Strikeout cannot be use in nested lists.
  • Preserved back-slash character in non-parsed blocks

18 Oct

  • Fixed bug in locktimer refresh function which had omitted the time reset when implementing the back-up feature on September 11.

22 Oct

  • Fixed bug in replacing place-holders; failed to handle correctly in tables because in certain situations in tables is followed by a space, which was not accounted for in the regex which did the replacement of the place-holders.

25 Oct

  • Turned off separate session for fckgLite when the admin panel is being accessed. Precaution that insures that CSRF warning can be switched off from admin panel without getting repeated CSRF warnings. (This has never actually been reported but is a possibility.)

30 Oct

  • Added Support for nowiki tag. (See documentation )
  • Later update: improved algorithm for escaping nowiki containers and added support for escaping angle brackets.

Nov 2010

4 Nov

  • Conflated fckgLite Session with Dokuwiki Session and removed CSRF option in Configuration Manager.

9 Nov

  • Removed new line following format characters in lists, which broke the lists.

10 Nov

  • Removed strtolower from FileUpload of commands.php, which converted url-encoded names to lower case.
  • Implemented facility for handlng query strings with internal links; supports addition of this feature to Anteater.

12 Nov

  • Added language support for query string facility.
  • Fixed extra space which opened up between formatted (i.e. bold, italic, etc) characters
    and closed parentheses, square brackets, and open curly braces.

13 Nov

  • Added German language translations for editor interface in fckg/action/lang/de.php. Many thanks to the anonymous contributor.

14 Nov

  • Fixed list parsing:
    1. Fixed deleted newline from lists where formatting character occurs at start of list line.
    2. In start() function, fixed broken lists where acronyms occur at ends of list lines and where format characters occur at ends of list lines.
  • Fixed error message response for internal link in dialog/fck_link/link.js.

15 Nov

  • Removed uncaught Acro_Space marker from lists.

16 Nov

  • Added check for existence of getVersion in helper.php. Dokuwiki versions without this function are pre-Lemming versions. Versions without this function throw an error and fail.

17 Nov

  • Fixed bug in edit.php in handling of query string recognition for the three typesof urls .htaccess, Dokuwiki internal, and none. QS and anchor was duplicated and/or lost.
  • Added anchor faciliity to link.html, with drop-down menu of headings from the
    current file which can be selected an inserted as anchors.

18 Nov

  • Removed '.txt' extensions from file browser display of internal link file names, and excluded non-image files from file browser display of Images.

19 Nov

  • Added image viewing to file browser Image selection window.

20 Nov

  • Added automatic display of thumbnails in image file browser and a magnify window to view images enlarged.

21 Nov

  • Improved thumbnail updating in image file browser window.

22 Nov

  • Escaped double angle brackets << >> which were converted into chevron entities (edit.php).

23 Nov

  • Fixed nested lists so that mixed nested lists and at various depths are supported.
  • Put in temp fix in frmfolders.html for elusive bug which causes current folder to be /lib/plugins/fckg . . . when returning to file browser after browsing imges previously. Happens only when url-style encoding is in effect. Fix is to change the folder path to '/'.

24 Nov

  • Included fix in meta.php, where this above issue orignates when $ID is set to the media image directory.
  • Using fckgLiteSafe version of frmresourceslist.html together with safeFN_clss.js – adopted the fckgLiteSafe process for loading image files into the file browser, without using Image.onload and Image.src. This gives direct, immediate access to the files on the server, from wich the image dimensions are picked up using php's getimagesize(), for resizing thumbnails.

25 Nov

  • Fixed escaping of special characters inside plugin syntax by taking into account that they may already have been escaped with Dokuwiki percent escapes.
  • Added an insert button to the magnify image window.
  • Fixed bug in renderer.php which omitted final div tag from table_close

27 Nov

  • Added virtual keyboard plugin to FCKEditor, based on Virtual Keyboard Interface Script - v1.43 Copyright © 2010 - GreyWyvern. Enables data entry in (currently) 86 language character sets.

28 Nov

  • Upgraded virtual keyboard plugin.

Dec 2010

7 Dec

  • Added folder ACL check to folder creation in commands.php.
  • Implemented file and folder encoding for Windows in unlink and folder creation functions, which had been overlooked in earlier distributions.

10 Dec

  • Added file move facility to filebrowser.

11 Dec

  • Cleaned up filespec in commands unlink() move facility

12 Dec

  • Placed .htaccess file with Options -Indexes in userfiles.

13 Dec

  • Fixed bug in filebrowser move/delete file features which prevented deletes.
  • Updated language file and template for move facility.
  • Revised FCKeditor regex in io.php which (in Windows) rejected path names in URL and Safe formats.

14 Dec

  • Revised code in helper.php for checking DW version, since DW's getVersionData() can't report back a valid version date if the user has not included a proper version file in the DW root directory.

16 Dec

  • Added URL-encoding to folder creation in commands.php CreateFolder and Unlink.
  • Added URL-decoding to current folder display (top of filebrowser) in frmactualfolder.html.

18 Dec

  • Added support for Macintosh to filebrowser's move facility. Needs Cmd+trash can to activate move faclity, rather than Ctrl+trash can. Also replaced 'Ctrl' with 'Cmd' in the icon hints at bottom of browser window when the browser detectsa Mac.

19 Dec

  • Updated FckEditor lang/en.js and lang-template.txt
  • Added code to dialog/get_headers.php to treat multiple headers with the same name as in Dokuwiki, by adding an incremented numerical suffix to the header hash, as in #hash, #hash1, #hash2. (get_headers.php outputs through an Ajax call a list of headers and their cleanID's available to an internal link.)

22 Dec

  • Added support for links to page anchors which are not prefaced by :namespace:page as in [[#top|top]] instead of [[:namespace:page#top|top]] . (These links refer to anchors on the same page and Dokuwki automatically supplies the page reference.)

23 Dec

  • Put version check into fckg renderer.php for table close(), since prior to anteater (Nov 7,2010), tables were not embedded in a DIV. (See Nov 25 2010).

27 Dec

  • Converted % and [] to nowiki escapes in edit.php (i.e. converting them to entities before passing them into DW parser). The brackets in particular are useful because they prevent url markup from being converted to HTML urls in FCKeditor.

28 Dec

  • Fixed escaping of backslash characters in edit.php which were lost when implementing accommodation of troublesome characters in plugin syntax. Now any character that
    causes trouble for a plugin can be escaped with backslashes except for the backslash
    itself and the percent character. A backslash must both precede and follow the
    character being escaped, as in: \*\.