DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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Change Log for fckgLite

Jan 2011

2 Jan 2011

  • Added backslash and curly brackets to nowiki entity replacements in edit.php _preprocess()
  • Upgraded Immutable Plugin feature: (1) immutable plugins now keep their HTML formats and (2) they can be edited in the plugin tool's editor, either the content or the raw plugin syntax.
  • Also added fckg_font plugin to fckg/syntax, which enables setting of font family, size, and weight.

4 Jan 2011

  • Fixed bug in code blocks which multiplied backslash characters (in edit.php: chars:)

5 Jan 2011

  • Added fonts plugin to FCKeditor, tied into syntax plugin font.php. User can set font, size, weight with plugin and edit these features. The plugin's text can be edited in situ. edit.php parser has been upgraded to handle the font tag and create the font plugin syntax, which is what is saved to the DW file. Added additional error checking and language texts to fonts plugin.

6 Jan 2011

  • Added a Remove All formatting facility, which removes the font tag which formats the text.
  • Added the fckg_font plugin to the permanent list of excluded (immutable) plugins in edit.php get_plugins().
  • Removed new lines from immutable plugin texts when edited in plugin tool editor.

7 Jan 2011

  • Fixed bug in fonts plugin tool which caused tool to fail when text was not selected in Safaris and Chrome.
  • Added samples pane to fonts plugin tool.
  • Fonts tool: Added auto recognition of non-standard font sizes, i.e. em and px and point sizes not included in radio button selections.

10 Jan 2011

  • Stripped PCRE caret from fronts of plugin regexes, when creating plugin string in edit.php get_plugins(). They are not needed for fckgLite's plugin recognition and parsing and cause plugins not to be recognized, since they indicate start of pattern and in fckgLite all plugin patterns are combined into a single string.
  • Fixed incorrectly escaped backslash character in callback function that replaces nowiki characters with html entities (edit.php).

11 Jan 2011

  • Upgraded plugin tool: in raw syntax mode the edited HTML text is now inserted in place in the FCKeditor, whereas previously the edited text did not appear unitl after a save, when the new raw plugin text replaced the old.

12 Jan 2011

  • Added check to edit.php _preprocess() that enables user to bracket plugin-type syntax pairs between Dokuwiki percent escapes, as in %%<WRAP>%%. When the text is reloaded into the editor, it converts the percents to nowiki tags. It's a convenience to escape plugins for comment-type situations without fear that matching closing markup will be mistaken for the plugin itself. The check is for pairs of the following characters: ~#:^ and then these pairs: {} <>. But it also covers situations where a file is imported into fckgLite which may use this technique.

15 Jan 2011

  • Fixed bug in handling of Geshi blocks, where extra newlines were inserted after uncaught Geshi span tags.

20 Jan 2011

  • Upgraded fonts plugin to handle font color.
  • Implemented a fix for tables which take on extra cells when text markup is included in a colspan cell.

25 Jan 2011

  • Additional code and fixes to handle complex configurations of table colspans. (Still to be done: better handling of table header markup with colspans; the colspans are accurate but the header markup gets lost in some configurations.)

30 Jan 2011

  • Added CSS to FCKeditor's editing area (fck_editorarea.css) to match dokuwiki's handling of link display. This required outputting matching classes from fck_link.js, which results in matching link colors and link icons in the FCKeditor.

31 Jan 2011

  • Added CSS for editing area email and fixed url for mediafile icon (See 30 Jan).
  • Cleaned up some extraneous coding in edit.php.

February 2011

1 Feb 2011

  • Fixed deleted empty table cells that resulted from recent fcklgLite upgrade to colspans in table handling: insert into valid empty cells the temporary marker _FCKG_BLANK_TD_ to prevent the empty td/th cells from being removed
  • Start tables with <span class='np_break'> «nowiki>\</nowiki>/span> to isolate them from top margin of edting window (in renderer.php)
  • Added newline to end of end non-parsed blocks np_break markup (\n_fckg_NPBBR_\n) to keep \n from butting from up against intial table markup and so interfering with first row of table

2 Feb 2011

  • Removed extra newline from nested lists where nested item ends with an acronym

6 Feb 2011

  • Change to file browser: When moving a file to a directory named 'secure', the filebrowser automatically includes an .htaccess file denying direct web access.

7 Feb 2011

  • Added updated .htaccess files to userfiles: one named and one named The open version is the default. It allows through all http requests, while preventing indexing. The security version secures the media directory from all requests except requests for images. In the open version security is achieved by creating secure directories, which are created when files are moved, using the filebrowser, into directories named “secure”, which is the default name for directorie to which files are to be moved. More details are available on the web site on the page describing the filebrowser.

9 Feb 2011

  • Created Dokuwiki Smiley Array from conf/smiley.conf in fckeditor/fckconfig.js instead of from hard-coded Array, which still remains in fckconfig/js as fall-back.
  • Fixed bug in edit.php that removed initial spaces from lists after code blocks in _preprocess()

10 Feb 2011

  • Removed bulleted and numbered lists from FCKeditor context menu. They have no function for Dokuwiki and are misleading.

23 Feb 2011

  • Escaped [ and ] in regular expressions that reconstitute plugin syntax in edit.php.

25 Feb 2011

  • Added . and ? to above escapes (approx line 1797).

26 Feb 2011

  • Add a new configuration option 'dwedit_ns' which enables the admininstrator to designate namespaces where the FCKeditor will not be active; instead the native Dokuwiki editor will come up when those namespaces are part of the page ID.
  • Appended a P tag with one to end of PRE tag before sending HTML to FCKeditor, so that code blocks that come at end of page do not capture edit cursor.

28 Feb 2011

  • Replaced short (<?) tag with full tag (<?php) in is_aspellWindows.php.

March 2011

2 March 2011

  • Streamlined user interface to internal link module of link dialog

3 Mar 2011

  • Fixed 'dwedit_ns' option so that it works with nice urls.

24 Mar 2011

  • Added new configuration option which allows admin to decide whether or not to allow users with upload permission to delete media files. The default is to allow users with upload permission to delete files.

25 Mar 2011

  • Added LICENSE document to fckg directory and upgraded fck_about.html so that it automatically inserts correct copyright year from version info.

April 2011

3 Apr 2011

  • Inserted space after closing font tag to prevent loss of space between end of font markup and start of next letter. Side effect of this is that fonts cannot be used inside a word, since the character after the marked-up characters will always be a space.

4 Apr 2011

  • Fixed error in SafeFN class, missing post indicator insertion.

9 Apr 2011

  • Added facility in action/edit.php to capture template text output by the template event handler. Previously fckgLite checked to see if there was a page temmplate to be processed for current $ID but it did not check to see if the template event handler had prevented normal template processing and inserted its own output.

11 April 2011

  • Inserted missing opening format markup in colspans.

12 Apr 2011

  • Experimental upgrade to table handling of colspans with text formatting.

13 Apr 2011

  • Added missing format-tag space marker (@@_SP_@@) to tables where they were missed when preceded by lists (at current line 1710). Above colspan upgrade apparently is working.
  • When headers appeared in colspans they were converted to td's; this is now fixed.

14 Apr 2011

  • Fixed bug which corrupted table cells when non-parsed block was included in cell by removing newline being inserted after npb closing tag.

17 April

  • Added patches in edit.php and save.php to delete empty format tags left over when removing formatting from acronyms. These work in conjunction with each other–those empty tags which are not removed by save.php are later removed when re-loading the file in edit.php. (Could use additional testing.)

25 April

  • Added fnrencode check for safe filenames in Dokuwiki v. 31 and later.

May 2011

01 May

  • Updated save.php to enhanced regex for removing empty acronym tags.

02 May

  • Removed extraneous code from dwplugin.php.
  • Removed unused FCK Preview button and javascript funtion it accessed. This was left over from DokuWikiFCK and not used in fckgLite.

05 May

  • Added check for blank $dwedit_ns at top of edit.php and in insertFormElement() of meta.php; if user happens delete all strings from that configuration setting, an error is thrown by php and in the case of edit.php, the editor cannot be changed back to the FCKeditor but reverts to the DW editor.
  • Automated insertion of regex to convert ] to ']' in the javascript function safe_convert in edit.php. A check is done to see whether the new post_indicator version is in place and if so the php inserts the javascript replacement.
  • Cleaned up much unused coding in meta.php left over from earlier versions of both DowkuWikFCK and fckgLite.

06 May

  • Inserted into auth_nameencode() of connectors/php/check_acl.php fix for Dokuwki FS#1955.

07 May

  • Created wildcard branch which updates handling of wildcards (%USER%) to Anteater.
  • Added new configuration option 'auth_ci', which if true sets username checks to be case insensitive
  • This version also respects ACL_AUTH 0, and hides files and directories for which user does not have permission.

09 May

  • Inserted space after Dokuwiki Smiley which was lost after save.

12 May

  • Changed regex for handling angle brackets inside code blocks (edit.php _preprocess()), using entities instead of “< ” and “ >”, < and >. Patch submitted by
    • Note: this patch requires a fix for GESHI blocks, which was implemented in the June 7 distribution.
  • Added assignment of FCKeditor's Editor Node to helper.php's FCKeditor_OnComplete(); fckeditor.html also makes this assigment but has to keep re-trying until is succeeds in connecting to FCK.EditorDocument, whereas this method is more immediate. This assigment is critical to the draft system.

13 May

  • Decreased draft time from minute to 45 seconds (DW writes draft every 30 secs).
  • Decreased time for renaming of DW draft files to fckgLite draft files.
  • Added lock to renaming of DW draft files in scripts/draft_rename.php.

19 May

  • Unordered List ItemRemoved “TEST” designation from the distribution which offers a new implementation of the Dokuwiki Draft mechanism.
  • Removed DW Renderer's acronym processing from the output to the FCKEditor editor; this does not interfere with acronyms processed for final output in browser. This solves a problem of acronymic names that appear in plugins and plugin syntax, since the editor sess these as acronyms instead of as plugin syntax.

23 May

  • Unordered List ItemFixed ACL check in filemanager/connectors/php/check_acl.php which was not fully backwardly compatible with DW after upgrading %USER% wildcard substitions and which could fail under some conditions even in current DW distros.
  • Put array check into edit.php when checking for guest user in edit.php where the save and delete buttons are disabled for guests (approx lines 435ff.). Some systems got a PHP warning because the $INFO[userinfo][grps] did not hold an array.

25 May

  • Unordered List ItemForward slashes in userewrite=2 were not being converted to colons, when saved. This is now fixed in edit.php.

June 2011

3 June

  • Re-worked the new draft recovery facility so that fckl draft files are removed in a timely fashion, so as to prevent false draft file notifications. Save, Show, Delete, and Cancel buttons call draft_rename(), which deletes the fckl file, so that it remains on the server only in cases where there is some interruption of normal processing.

4 June

  • Made Call to draft_rename synchronous; otherwise there is no guarantee that it will delete the draft file from the server.

5 June

  • Renamed draft_refresh to draft_delete in function calls and fckg/scripts to reflect the new use of that function (see 3 June).

6 June

  • Added regex to save.php that preserves %[a-f]{2} sequences, like %ad in %admin, from being mistaken by rawurldecode for html-encoded characters.
  • Cleaned up some useless code in meta.php.
  • Added check in edit.php to ignore draft files left over by DW Edit previews when switching from DW Edit to FCKG Edit; these are not deleted, as they are when saving of canceling when in DW Edit.

7 June

  • Fixed problem where HTML brackets were replaced by entities in GESHI blocks. Open brackets are now replaced by “< ”, and the space is removed on save.

9 June

  • Permanent fix for draft file left over after DW Edit preview – there was a bug in the Javascript call, which corrupted draft filename.

10 June

  • Spoke too soon on 9 June. With multiple previews in DW Edit, draft file remains on server. This is now removed in meta.php set_session().
  • Added additional check to above by creating a new POST/hidden input item for the edit form Object that appears in the $_REQUEST object only when DW Edit preview is in effect.

20 June

  • Inserted paragraph break above a code block that comes at top of file to enable insertion of text above it; it is removed on save.

25 June

  • Added mechanism to handle swf files.

26 June

  • Fix for corrupted code blocks containing MULTI_PLUGIN (uses old style “< ” and “ >' instead of &lt; and &gt; for html-style elements.
  • Added flash icon to FCKeditor
  • Added %%. . %% escape around characters, which is converted to <nowiki>; this is an extension of the earlier use of this on 12 Jan 2011.

September 2011

23 Sep

  • Fixes for updated font tool. Fonts can no longer take DW text formatting.

26 Oct

  • Unordered List ItemFixed bug in nested list, where a list item ending in a link preceding nested item failed to move to a new line causing the nested item to appear in the saem line as the link.

28 Oct

  • Unordered List ItemUpgraded security to deny guest uploads.

30 Oct

  • Unordered List ItemAdded name=“do[save]” to fckg editor's save button

November 2011

1 Nov

  • Unordered List ItemRemoved stet and create functions from FCKeditor plugin tool. Allows for editing of standard syntax plugins and for removing

<plugin code></plugin>markup from plugins escaped with old create function. The latter is for backward compatiblity.

6 Nov

  • Removed extraneous coding from FCKeditor keypress handling. In fckeditor.html all coding respecting keypress handling has been removed along with loading of dataEvent.js, and helper.php has been updated to register keypress events without reference to fckeditor.html.

8 Nov

  • Changed short-cut keys for insert lists from alt to ctrl to avoid conflicts with European keyboards and revised get_showButtons (helper.php) for coding efficiency and set it on a 3 second timer to make sure all inputs have been loaded before event handler has been assigned.

14 Nov

  • Added exception handling to FCKeditor's FCKDomTools.ClearElementMarkers(), to prevent javascript error messages when IE is in “IE 9” browser mode; for this to occur “Display notification for every error” must be checked in the Advanced panel of Internet Options. The errors crop up only in certain list situations.

15 Nov

  • Added newline after the Dokuwiki forced line-break: \\, so that in the native DW editor these lines appear on separate lines.