DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
2. Visit the fckgLite page at
3. Or click the subscribe link below



There are three versions of fckgLite:

  1. 0.03 which does not support Dokuwiki's ACL and which may be the choice for single-user installations of DokuWiki.
  2. 02.03 which comes with Dokwiki-compatible ACL support for access to the file browser and is suitable for multi-user wikis.
  3. 03.03 which adds non-Roman alphabet support and comes with ACL support for the file browser.

For details of the versioning system for versions 03 and 04, see versioning_system.

The choices below will often give several updates for each version, and will describe the nature of the updates. It is generally safe to select the most recent update.

The version at is the most recent upgrade of 02.03

Check the Changes files to see whether an issue has been addressed or a bug fixed. You can also check the dailies (see sidebar to left), which have distributions with the most recent fixes and where you can check the documentation files to see which fixes are covered in the distribution files.

Version 0.03

This version does not support ACL . For ACL support, use 02.03.

Initial release: fckgLite-0.03.10-Apr_04-10_53.tgz

  • fix for stet plugin spacing
  • disabled preview button in FCK Edit during section edits
  • fixed spacing for to right of format characters
  • includes upgrade to email handling.
  • See Changes for details.


  • See Changes for details of changes after 4 Apr.
Version 0.03 new features
  1. Accommodates footnote and external mime type handling to Dokuwiki version 2007-06-26b. May be useful to users using pre-2009 versions of DW. Implements limited support for “Mulled Wine” rowspan syntax.
  2. Includes footnote editor and improvements to file browser, plus fixes, including bug fix in Stet plugin.
  3. Implements new protocol for handling embedded HTML tags; it is no longer necessary to manually escape HTML angle brackets. The brackets are automatically escaped when loaded into the FCKeditor and the escapes removed when file is saved.Improved Support for plugins. See Jan 6 change log for an update to the plugin syntax support.

fckgLite with ACL Compliant File Browser 02.03

Version 02.03 new features
  1. This version implements ACL permissions in the file browser. ACL permissions can be turned off in the Dowiki Configuration Manager by changing the “Default file-browsing access” setting to 'none'. For more details see the change log for 1 Jan and 10 Jan, and see configuration settings 6 and 7 and the notes on those settings.
  2. Adds support for nntp urls; also adds language support for editing buttons in FCKeditor editing window. For details on language support see the configuration page.
  3. Implements improvements to the filebrowser contributed by Arno Puschmann. The filebrowser now always opens in the current directory. If the user is an administrator or if Open File Browsing has been enabled in the Configuration Manager, the filebrowser still opens in the current directory but the user will have access to the entire media directory hierarchy.

Initial release: fckgLite-02.03.10-Apr_04-10_53.tgz

  • Includes earlier upgrades to email handling. See Changes for details
  • As above for version 0.03.10_Apr_04-10_53
  • Includes earlier fix (Mar 26) for nice urls, which were broken on re-edits


  • See Changes for details of changes after 4 Apr.
Version 02.03 with upgraded language support

Initial release: fckgLite-lang_02.03.10-Apr_28-09_42.tgz

  • This upgrade has additional language support which enables users to add locale-specific language strings for features that are specific to fckgLite and so do not come with default support from the FCKeditor. These include the plugin tool and footnote editor, the file browser, and aspects of the image, link and special characters dialogs. See the configuration page for details. This language upgrade was worked out by Arno Puschmann.
  • This version of fckgLite is based on 02.03 and contains all the updates from the dailies up to the Apr_15-12_07 02.03 update.
  • For the next while, this upgrade will have its own version designation. But after it has been tested by users, it will be merged with 02.03.
  • If you upgrade your language file, please share it with the fckgLite community by means of the mailing list.


  • See Changes for details of changes after 4 Apr.

fckgLite 03.03 with File Browser support for non-Roman characters

This upgrade is based on version 02.03 and is, therefore, ACL -compliant; and it includes all the up-to-date fixes and features of 02.03. Most importantly, it impements non-Roman character handling for files, directories, ACL checks, and URLs. These features have not been extensively tested as yet, so any issue reports will be appreciated. Write to the Contact address in the side-bar. These new features do not yet fully support OS X Darwin. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress.

Initial release: fckgLite-03.03.10-Apr_01-11_21.tgz

  • Includes earlier fix (Mar 20) for broken bulleted list coming at top of file
  • Includes earlier fix (Mar 29) for nice urls, which were broken on re-edits
  • Upgrades email handling. See Changes for details.
  • Adds support for nntp urls; also adds language support for editing buttons in the FCKeditor editing window. (See change log ) For details on language support see the configuration page.
  • Includes fix for converting per-cent sign encodings back to original characters.


  • See Changes for details of changes after 1 Apr.