DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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fckgLite Version 04

Distributions and Download

About the Distributions

  1. 0.04. This distribution does not support Dokuwiki's ACL protocol. It is aimed primarily at single-user installations and installations in which all users have open access to files and folders.
  2. 02.04. This distribution is ACL compliant and offers the administrator several configuration options for dealing with user access to files and directories.
  3. 03.04. This distribution is based on 02.04 but includes URL and file browser support for non-Roman alphabets. As of Sep 25 2010 there has been a significant upgrade to non-Roman character support.

For details of the versioning system for versions 03 and 04, see versioning_system.

As of the September 15 distributions (currently in the dailies), there is very little difference between the 02.04 and 03.04 distributions, although you would still need the 03 for certain non-Roman functions of the file browser. The eventual intention for the next release is to merge 02 and 03.

Similarly, the 0.04 distribution (non-ACL ) can now be fully replicated in either of the other two distributions, using configuration options, so it too will eventually be discontinued. Moreover, this would have the advantage of recent upgrades to the file browser, which are no longer being added to the 0.04 distribution. Among these is the facility to delete files from the file browser window.


Dailies: If you encounter a problem in one of these distributions, please consult the dailies from the side-bar. Look at their change logs to see if the problem has already been corrected. See the dailies on the introductory page.

Current distributions

  • fckgLite-02.04.10-Oct_18-08_24.tgz
  • fckgLite-05.10-Oct_18-08_24.tgz
  • The current version 05 distribution is identical to the old version 03.04.

Version 0.04 is no longer available in an updated distribution; if you prefer the file browser set-up of 0.04, download one of the other available distributions and set the following configuration options:

  • open file browsing: true
  • enable folder creation: y
  • Default file browsing access: none
If you are using a distribution of fckgLite dated between Sep 11 and Oct 17, you should upgrade to a distribution dated Oct 18 or later. A timer was accidentally omitted during the upgrade to the new Back-up/Revert system and this can result in undue pressure on the web server.

Windows OS : If your Dokuwiki is installed on Windows and you are using 03.04, you should use a version of fckgLite from August 20th or later.

For notes on changes between upgrades, see the Changes log.

Note: The fckgLite-lang distribution has been discontinued because language support is now built into all fckgLite distributions. See language support below.

Version 04 Features

File Browser/URL Handling

  1. File browser opens in current directory and moves freely within the directory hierarchy. File browsing is governed by Dokuwiki's ACL in those versions of fckgLite where ACL applies.
  2. Uploads are governed by Dokuwiki's mime.conf and mime.local.conf (previously governed by FCKeditor's approved types).
  3. File and folder names sanitized to Dokuwiki specifications
  4. Color-coded folder icons for read-only (blue) and writable (yellow)
  5. Support for additional URL types: nntp, email (maileto), https
  6. Fixed file browser's formatting of links to internal media
  7. Support for URLs with non-Roman characters
  8. Improved link editing: when a link is selected and the link tool clicked, the pop-up automatically opens in the appropriate editing window and the text which appears in the input editing box is in Dokuwiki format. Previously, all edits opened as URL 's in the URL editing window, requiring that the url for the link had to be edited.


  1. Improved algorithm for recognition of plugins
  2. Added recognition of ~~ NOCACHE~~ by treating it as a plugin
  3. Added support for multi-line plugins; these are treated literally in the editor. The parser does not parse the HTML created by the plugin; instead the multi-line block is saved as is to the DW file.


  • Added nested unordered lists.


Language Support

  1. Translation facilities have been implemented for all features of the FCKeditor which are specific to fckgLite and are not part of the original FCKeditor package.
  2. Translation facilities have also been added for the fckgLite interface, i.e. those features of fckgLite that are external to the FCKeditor and provide the links to Dokuwiki.

In version 3, there was a separate distribution with facilities for handling locale-specific translations; this distribution is discontinued with version 4, beginning with which all distributions will have this facility.

See configuration for a description of the language support and the language_template, which details all of the available language codes for FCKeditor and their translations.

fckgLite Windowing System and User Interface

There have been many changes to the fckgLite interface, many of them internal, but all with the aim of enhancing stability and ease of use.


The parser now supports both Geshi code blocks and downloadable code snippets. A Geshi tool bar item has been added to the FCKeditor toolbar and makes it possible to create either of these formats.


The FCKeditor toolbar now supports Dokuwiki smileys as well as those that come with the Dokuwikior. The administrator has a configuration option to choose whether to display the Dokuwiki smileys as text or image in the editor; they are always displayed as image in the browser.

Markup Handling, Bug Fixes, etc.

  1. Many enhancements to facilitate Dokuwiki markup elements. These include making it easier to handle tables and code blocks in the FCKeditor window.
  2. Bug fixes, such as insuring that formatting specifiers for bold, italic etc. insert spaces before punctuation characters and that formatting characters do not interfere with nested lists
  3. Implementation of markup to handle one and 2 em dashes. The one em dash is created by typing two hyphens, the 2 em by typing 3 dashes: -- gives –, and --- gives —.
  4. Several fixes to facilitate handling of nice urls.

<plugin title=“stet” ></plugin>


Thanks go to Arno Puschmann for help with language support, for enhancements to the File Browser and for the unordered nested list plugin.

Thanks also to those users who have reported bugs and raised issues on the Dokuwiki Forum and through the fckgLite mailing list.