DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
2. Visit the fckgLite page at
3. Or click the subscribe link below


Version 07


Version 07 of fckgLite is now coming to the end of its development development cycle. It contains an upgrade to the FCKEditor from 2.6.4 to 2.6.6, which was the final upgrade to FCKEditor and which includes a check as you type spell checker in addition to bug fixes and improvements to the javascript engine.

Version 07 also supports RTL languages (Arabic, Farsi, Herbrew).

Download: fckglite-07.13-mar_19-23_26.tgz


Upgrade to table handling

There is now a distribution of fckgLite with a new algorithm for parsing tables. It is aimed at parsing complex tables that use multiple column and row spans. See the description on the either on fckgLite plugin page on the Dokuwiki web site, which contains a link to the github distribution, or on the features page of this web site.

Note: It is now included in the recently released version 08 of fckgLite.