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It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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===== To view the compatibility of fckgLite with Dokuwiki, see the [[:wiki:syntax|wiki:syntax]] page. It r... riginal syntax]] page which comes as default with Dokuwiki. You will find, for instance, that fckgLite does not the support Dokuwiki [[:wiki:syntax_orig#quoting|quotation markup]]. ... which need little explanation can be found on the DokuWikiFCK [[
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== Om de syntax compatibiliteit van fckgLite met Dokuwiki te bekijken ga je naar [[ ntax_orig|originele syntax]] die bij verstek door Dokuwiki geïnstalleerd is. Je zal bv merken dat fckgLite d... e weinig verklaring vereisen vindt je terug in de DokuWikiFCK [[:nl:werkbalk|]] overzichtspagina. Hoe je de ... r.png?id=nl:handleiding&media=cover.png|{{ :wiki:dokuwiki-128.png?nolink&128x128}}]] Voorbeeld van rechtse
fckl_changes_2010 @removed
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the file browser from 'acl' to 'none'. Unlike the Dokuwiki Media Manager, the file browser does not show the... cks on an edit button, the editor opens in native Dokuwiki editing mode. This change was prompted by some ra... Jan** * Added support to all branches for Dokuwiki email [[:wiki:syntax|markup]]. **16 Jan (02.03-... own session that runs parallel to that created by Dokuwiki. There is now a configuration setting which can
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===== Werkbalk iconen en dialogen ===== In Dokuwiki worden het opladen van media bestanden naar de server,... en die aangepast zijn in fckglite ten behoeve van Dokuwiki. Deze zijn de beeld en link dialogen alsook de be... en beeld dialogen activeren zijn volgende bekende Dokuwiki iconen: [[ die gebruik maken van het URL protocol worden in Dokuwiki getoond als [[
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*12.** |[[#conf_12|dwedit_ns]] Namespaces where DokuWiki Editor is activated|none|from Feb 26 2011| |**13.... his setting applies to plugins which use standard Dokuwiki markup. See the [[:features#plugins_and_the_plugi... eates its own Session, which runs parallel to the Dokuwiki Session. Dokuwiki may sometimes mistakenly interpret this second session as a Cross-site request forgery, w
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filebrowser image keys flash samba security}} In Dokuwiki uploading media files to the server and inserting... three dialogs modified in fckgLite to accommodate Dokuwiki. These are the image and link dialogs and the fil... ivate the link and image dialogs are the familiar Dokuwiki icons: {{ :media_1.png?91x27 }} ===== Link D... URL field. Links using the URL protocol are what Dokuwiki sees as [[
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r/fckconfig.js and editing FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“Dokuwiki”] FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["Dokuwiki"] = [\\ ['Bold','Italic','Underline','StrikeThrough','-','Subscript','Su... ither the FCKeditor's smiley toolbar item or with Dokuwiki's smiley markup. Using Dokuwiki markup, for instance, this:<nowiki> :</nowiki>-P will give you this :-P . D
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using direct path]]. ==== Using a Direct Path to dokuwiki/data/media ==== **Two Paths Required**: absolu... filesPath** starts at the directory where your DokuWiki is installed and refers to the data/media directo... ia/. You replace 'wiki' with the name of your own dokuwiki directory. If it is in a subdirectory, then your... p://|]] and dokuwiki is accessed as [[
dailies @removed
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sion 9 was to bring fckgLite into conformity with Dokuwiki's naming conventions. That is, its base class and... it goes are named ''fckg''. That conflicted with DokuWikiFCK, the original editor out of which fckgLite gre... to ''fckglite''. However, I have now discontinued DokuWikiFCK, removing it from and taking down its web site. While fckgLite is still known by its old fa
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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tor/fckconfig.js en bewerk FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“Dokuwiki”] FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“Dokuwiki”] = [ \\ ['Bold','Italic','Underline','StrikeThrough','-','Subscript',... ia het FCKeditor's smiley werkbalk item of met de Dokuwiki's smiley opmaak. Gebruik je de Dokuwiki opmaak voor bv:<nowiki> :</nowiki>-P dan krijg je dit te zien :-P .
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a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor for DokuWiki. It is "Lite" only historically, from a time when... being developed as an experimental alternative to DokuWikiFCK, which is no longer available. Every effort is... made to keep current with the latest upgrades to Dokuwiki. {{anchor:supports}} While fckgLite has a great... t the HTML entered into the FCKeditor into native Dokuwiki markup and to save that to the server. ===== Dis
fckl_changes_2009 @removed
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with two new toolbars are defined in fckconfig.js,DokuwikiNoGuest and DokuwikiGuest for non_registered users: - guest_toolbar == 0: DokuwikiNoGuest - guest_media == 1: DokuwikiGuest - Defined two new user types in registerOnLoad() of fck
test_long @playground
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entsLangDirection = 'rtl';\\ \\ \\ config.toolbar_Dokuwiki =\\ [\\ { name: 'basicstyles', items : [ 'Bol... mize','-','About'] },\\ \\ ];\\ \\ config.toolbar_DokuwikiNoGuest =\\ [\\ { name: 'styles', items : [ 'S... items : [ 'About' ] }\\ ];\\ \\ \\ config.toolbar_DokuwikiGuest =\\ [\\ { name: 'basicstyles', items : [... EditorVer=data;\\ }\\ else config.ckgEditorVer = "Dokuwiki plugin: ckgedit"; \\ },\\ 'html'\\
fckl_changes_2011 @removed
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user to bracket plugin-type syntax pairs between Dokuwiki percent escapes, as in %<nowiki>%</nowiki><WRAP>... itor's editing area (fck_editorarea.css) to match dokuwiki's handling of link display. This required output... |filebrowser]]. **9 Feb 2011** * Created Dokuwiki Smiley Array from conf/smiley.conf in fckeditor/f... FCKeditor context menu. They have no function for Dokuwiki and are misleading. **23 Feb 2011** * Es
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ge Dialog DlgImgNote : "<b>Note:</b> The DokuWiki Mediamangager can be used only for uploading. It... sted List", // Link Dialog DlgLnkTypeInternal : "DokuWiki internal link", DlgLnkTypeMime : "Non-DokuWiki Internal Files", DlgLnkTypeSamba : "SMB Share", DlgLnkType... ress Cancel to revise:", DlgLnkIntText : "Enter DokuWiki namespace Or Select from File Browser.", DlgLnkIn
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