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test_long @playground
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['LOL','icon_lol.gif']];\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ function do_smileys() {\\\\ ckedit_path +... Array();\\ config.dokuSmileyConfImages;\\ try {\\ do_smileys();\\ }catch(ex){\\ \\ }\\ \\ config.ckgEd... 2: 'Invalid file',\\ FileBrowserError_203: 'You do not have permission to upload files to this folde... u can also update the plugin syntax in place. To do this you must select both the font syntax itself
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page]]. To edit the tool bar see the [[:faq#how_do_i_make_a_change_to_the_toolbar|faq]]. ==== Image... e is no longer at its left. Right alignment will do the same with the text, but to the right of the s... h 23 2010. For some of the other things you can do with tables see the [[:plugins#using_color_in_tab... move the macro and uncheck the checkbox. If you do not need complex table handling, then leaving not
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users are creating these kinds of notes. If they do, then you must set this option to true; otherwise... e packages are installed there is nothing else to do. === Windows === The spell checker is set up ... figure it to accommodate other templates, you can do this in fck_editorarea.css, which you will find i... are defined in an array named $fckg_lang. If you do not define a particular label, the label defaults
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document below which gives more details on how to do this: [[#image_display_issue_using_direct_path|Im... possible only in post-XP versions of Windows. To do this you use the Windows mklink command in the Co... to ''true''. You are advised in these cases to do a manual install of fckgLite, and not to use the ... come with very restrictive default settings which do not allow the use of symbolic links. This is true
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eir origin in the woot wiki directory; name which do not begin with a colon are assumed to have their ... /data/media/some_img.png</nowiki>. If you try to do this, you will get a permission denied message. ... es these prohibitions by use of php scripts which do not use direct URL access. But the fckgLite fileb... ==== Troubleshooting ==== If the above solutions do not work for you–if, for instance, you are on a h
auto_install @docs
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4 2011, will create the required symlinks if they do not already exist. In its default configuration... will try again. When you upgrade, fckgLite will do this check again. If it finds the symlinks, it will do nothing and exit without comment. If the symlink
fckglite_safe @removed
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. - Users cannot browse files to which they do not have at least read permission. These files ar... users from creating links to files for which they do not have at least read permission. - Delete p... for admins and managers. This prevents users who do not have write permission to a file from deleting
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===== How do I make a change to the toolbar? ===== {{tag>toolbar plugins escapes code-blocks geshi sm... cape double percent signs: ''%''''%''. The way to do this is to escape each one separately as monospac... reason for escaping double per cent signs has to do with the way Dokuwiki handles these characters. A
fckl_changes_2010 @removed
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ow up as text. Added fix so that Dokuwiki headers do not gobble up image syntax and treat it as plain ... conform to Dokuwiki's file naming conventions. To do this, a session item was\\ appended to the Dokuw... s, which was already done for internal links that do not use nice urls. * In cases of nice urls,
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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tor, so that code blocks that come at end of page do not capture edit cursor. **28 Feb 2011** ... *30 Oct** * Unordered List ItemAdded name="do[save]" to fckg editor's save button ===== Novemb
fckl_changes_2009 @removed
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ocol. - Fixed the cell alignment but still to do is cell alignment for colspans. **12 Nov** ... ugin, since otherwise plugins with embedded text do not update. - The punctuation fix for urls (N
fckl_changes_2011 @removed
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tor, so that code blocks that come at end of page do not capture edit cursor. **28 Feb 2011** ... guest uploads. **30 Oct** * Added name="do[save]" to fckg editor's save button ===== Novemb
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and then run the php script ents_seri.php. You do this in the directory fckg/action/entities. Nam
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2: 'Invalid file', FileBrowserError_203: 'You do not have permission to upload files to this folde
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mpty'] = "The back-up buffer appears to be empty. Do you wish to continue?"; $fckg_lang['btn_draft'] =
upgrade_6 @docs
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fckl_changes_2013 @removed
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upgrade_6_2 @docs
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upgrade_5 @docs
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fckl_changes_2012 @removed
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