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abortlogin   Myron Turner
    prevents attempt to login from non-accepted ips
ACL Manager   Andreas Gohr
    Manage Page Access Control Lists
Add New Page   Benjamin Santalucia, Sam Wilson, Michael Braun, Gerrit Uitslag, Albert Chern
    Adds a "new page form" to any wiki page.
admin plugin dwcommits   Myron Turner
    demonstration dwcommits
Anchor Plugin   Eli Fenton
    Add HTML anchors to a page
Annotate   Myron Turner
    Creates scrollable pop-up annotation boxes
Block Plugin   Myron Turner
    Create sized boxes with borders,font and color selection, and screen positoning
ckgedit   Myron Turner
    WYSIWYG plugin for Dokuwiki
Configuration Manager   Christopher Smith
    Manage Dokuwiki's Configuration Settings
Credits Plugin   Myron Turner
    Configurable Display of Plugin Credits
cssperpage   Myron Turner
    enables per page styling
Ditaa-Plugin (ditaa 1.0)   Andreas Gohr
    Renders ASCII flowcharts contained in a DokuWiki page to images
Divalign2 Plugin   Luis Machuca Bezzaza
    Paragraph Alignment for DokuWiki
Dokuwiki Nav Overlay   Myron Turner
    Creates independent window at the template level t   ->         
DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Automatically upgrade your DokuWiki install to the most recent stable release
dwcommits Plugin   Myron Turner
    Fri Feb 18 00:00:03 CST 2011
dwcommits Syntax Plugin   Myron Turner
    Output git database query
dwedit   Myron Turner
    adds dokuwiki native editor icon to utils
EditTable plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Provide a custom editor for tables
epub   Myron Turner
    renderer for ebook creator
Extension Manager   Michael Hamann
    Allows managing and installing plugins and templates
include plugin   Michael Hamann, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner
    Functions to include another page in a wiki page
Indexmenu Plugin   Samuele Tognini
    Show a customizable and sortable index for a namespace
LoadSkin Plugin   Anika Henke (previous author: Michael Klier)
    Change the skin/template/theme; admins can select   ->         
Login/Logout logging plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Log logins and logouts of users to a file
MathJax plugin   Mark Liffiton
    Enables MathJax ( parsing   ->         
mediatooltip   Myron Turner
    Creates enhanced tooltips and file names for media
numbering plugin   Myron Turner
    clicking on numbering icon prints next available n   ->         
OpenAs Plugin   Myron Turner
    File utility for renaming and saving-as, and creating new pages from templates
Plugin vkeyboard   Myron Turner
    Installs multi-language virtual keyboard
Popularity Feedback Plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers
QuickStats Plugin   Myron Turner
    Non-sql-based web traffic statistics
rstudio   Myron Turner
    inserts rstudio parameter into code blocks for RStudio geshi css
sectiontoggle   Myron Turner
    Toggles sections for display and hide by clicking headers
skipentity   Myron Turner
    creates monospaced text without converting entities
Snippets Plugin   Myron Turner
    Provides toolbar button+popup for template inserti   ->         
sortablejs   vaxquis
    Allow sorting tables by columns
sqlite plugin   Andreas Gohr
    A helper plugin to easily access a SQLite database
styling plugin   Andreas Gohr
    Allows to edit style.ini replacements
textinsert Plugin   Myron Turner
    replace macros with text subsitutions
tocselect   Myron Turner
    Adds textbox and namespace/wiki:id index for insta   ->         
togglewrap plugin   Jonas Fourquier
    Show/hide wraps with checkboxes
tplmod   Myron Turner
    Modify template tools, logo image, tag line, ui language
User Manager   Chris Smith
    Manage DokuWiki user accounts
Wrap Plugin   Anika Henke
    Universal plugin which combines functionalities of   ->         
xtern   Myron Turner
    red or green icons at link show if link is active