• Unordered List Item: Wrap toggle demo
  • wrapper hi top
  • wrapper em bottom
  • wrapper lo top
  • wrapper hi bottom

  • info top

  • tip bottom

      * **Unordered List Item: Wrap toggle demo**
      * <wrap hi name center>wrapper hi top</wrap>
      * <wrap em not_name center>wrapper em bottom</wrap>
      * <wrap lo wname center>wrapper lo top</wrap>
      * <wrap not_wname>wrapper hi bottom</wrap>
      * <WRAP center iname round info 60%>info top</WRAP>
      * <WRAP center not_iname round tip 60%>tip bottom</WRAP>

If an item takes more than one line, single space the lines by holding down the Shift key while hitting Enter. In the Dokuwiki editor these newlines will be replaced by dokuwiki's \\ markup, the coded newline.

Download here:
Modified togglewrap

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