Virtual Keyboard Plugin for Dokuwiki

The virtual keyboard plugin is based on the Javascript implementation from greywyvern. As of this writing, it accesses 89 keyboard layouts, including symbols and dingbats, along with a huge selection of world languages.

The Keyboards

The keyboard looks like this:

You can change languages by clicking on the language identifier at the top left, or the down arrow next to it. It opens a drop down menu from which you can make your selection:


To install the plugin, download vkeyboard.tgzand install it in the plugins/vkeyboard directory. To activate the keyboard, you must add the following query string to your url when fetching a page from the server: vkb=<language>

For instance:

You have to do this only once per browser session; the plugin sets a cookie which persists until you close your browser. From this point on, when you click on an edit button, at the bottom left corner of the editing window a small keyboard icon will appear:

Click on this icon and the the virtual keyboard will pop up with the language you have selected. If it fails to identify the language correctly, you can always choose your language from the drop-down menu. The 'vkb' must be lower case, but the language string is checked in a case insensitive search.

  • Upgrades
    1. The plugin has been upgraded and now includes a toolbar icon from which to intialize the keyboard. For more details see the vkeyboard plugin page at The virtual keyboard will still initialize as described above. Download: vkeyboard.tgz
    2. Another version of the keyboard allows the user to select the languages for which the keyboard is needed.

The above versions download all 89 keyboard layouts, so that the following saves a bit of download time: Download: vkeyboard-10-dec_03-22_56.tgz. This version will not install directly from the plugin manager, but will have to be downloaded and unpacked and manually installed.

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