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Convert Internal to External Link

The internal lnk can be converted both before and after a page has been saved. The text will remain the same; but if you run you mouse over the text and pause for a moment, you will see that the url has changed.

1. Link to :wiki:syntax created.

Page Saved. Then converted to


2. Link to :index:site_inx created.

Converted to before saving page.


How To

Mouse Over Link. Click 'Edit Link'

The Link Dialog pops up.

Switch to 'URL' and change protocol to http. Enter the URL and click 'OK“

Keep in mind that when you create any type of link, the underlying link and the link text that appears on the page are separate from one another. You can always edit the text and the underlyng link will not change. Similarly, you can type in a text for your link, select it with your mouse and then open the link dialog to create your link. The link text will be the selected text.