DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
2. Visit the fckgLite page at
3. Or click the subscribe link below


10 Sep

  • This distribution of fckgLite is compatible with Dokuwiki's implementation of JQuery for its internal Javascript library. It is also backwardly compatible with Dokuwiki's pre-JQuery distributions. All future distributions of fckgLite will be based on this model. Please report any issues.

14 Sep

  • Fix to fckdialog.html, where JQuery-like syntax $(id) caused Javascript error in IE 9. Fixed font plugin, which failed in FireFox 6 because it fails to recgnize the deprecated font tag.

22 Sep

  • Added short-cut keys: ALT+- for creating new ordered list; ALT+* for creating new unordered list. The mnemonics are the Dokuwiki editor's codes for ordered and unordered lists.

23 Sep

  • Fixes for updated font tool. Fonts can no longer take DW text formatting.