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= Tool bar icons and dialogs ===== {{tag>toolbar links filebrowser image keys flash samba security}} In... ndled by the media manager; in addition, internal links can be set from a pop-up menu attached to the int... nu and type your URL directly into the URL field. Links using the URL protocol are what Dokuwiki sees as ... [|external links]], that is, links to addresses outside the Dokuwi
bestand_verkenner @nl
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eld in de media manager. Als extra kunnen interne links geselecteerd worden via een pop-up menu gekoppeld... en kan je de URL direct in het URL veld intikken. Links die gebruik maken van het URL protocol worden in ... [|external links]]. Dit is een link naar adressen buiten de Dokuwi... hier niet echt nodig (zie ook “Aanmaken van Email Links” in de [[:nl:handleiding|handleiding]]). Voor SMB
handleiding @nl
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ies in de selectielijst van de 'Uitlijning' menu. Links, midden en rechts lijnen de afbeelding horizontaal uit. Afbeeldingen worden bij verstek links uitgelijnd. Een horizontale rij met afbeeldingen lijn je steeds links uit. {{:image.gif?21x21 }}{{:ol_ins.png?23x23 ... e uitlijning. Alle teksten en afbeeldingen worden links van deze afbeelding uitgelijnd totdat men de onde
fckl_changes_2010 @removed
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. * Fixed bug in handling of Dokuwik internal links when produced via nice urls. The parser would mi... urls, prepended root directory colon to internal links, which was already done for internal links that do not use nice urls. * In cases of nice urls, prep... 5 Aug** * Fixed bug which mistook internal links for media files when the internal links had dot i
fckl_changes_2013 @removed
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5 Jan ** * Upgraded DW footnotes to handle links to media files ** 10 Jan ** * Default fo... 14 Feb ** * Upgraded handling of interwiki links in edit.php * Captures missing link text in interwiki links. ** 18 Feb ** * Synched edit.php with gi... in userfiles that have not been created into the links to media or have been converted to directories (W
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rfiles.tgz </file> This will copy the necessary links to the fckg/fckeditor/userfiles directory. ~~CO... ws systems you should be able to create symboloic links from fckg/fckeditor/userfiles to the moved data/m... n Windows (Vista and later) you can make symbolic links using the mklink command from the command propmpt... /fckeditor/userfiles, which has a set of symbolic links that point to data/media. In this setup both abs
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===== {{tag>toolbar tables lists geshi plugins links footnotes language image links chrome safari}} Most of the the **fckgLite** toolbar icons are covered he... rowser]], and the section on [[:features#removing_links|editing links]] below. ==== Nested Lists ==== To create a nested list you hit the "Nested List" butto
fckl_changes_2012 @removed
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* Fixed bug in edit.php which converted https links to internal DW links **6 Feb 2012** * Placed space after closing <nowiki></sup></nowiki>. Ins... lang file updated. * Fixed bug where external links to image files were re-configured as images after... ages enabled user texts to replace image names in links (edit.php). * Inserted space after restructur
auto_install @docs
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ckgLite, it may fail to install a set of symbolic links in ''fckg/fckgeditor/userfiles''. These symlinks ... nstall manually - You can create the symbolic links your self. You will have to create four symlink... s ==== In Unix-type systems you create symbolic links from the command line. For instance, to create t... rfiles.tgz </code> This will copy the necessary links to the fckg/fckeditor/userfiles directory. A cop
test_long @playground
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e' ,'Footnotes'] }, \\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink' ] },\\ { name: 's... ifyBlock','-','BidiLtr','BidiRtl' ] },\\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink','Anchor' ] },\\... e' ,'Footnotes'] }, \\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink' ] },\\ { name: 's... ifyBlock','-','BidiLtr','BidiRtl' ] },\\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink','Anchor' ] },\\
fckl_changes_2009 @removed
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relation to spaces handling - Fixed formatted links, so that formatting code no longer prints to scre... rowser, now opens file browsers both for internal links, in DW's data directory, and for extra mime types... ectories. **19 Dec** * Created nice text links for internal links and internal links to 'other' mime types, where these are not pre-set by the user.
fckl_changes_2011 @removed
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* Added support for nolinks and direct image links. **28 June** * Fixed bug where direct (internal) links were being identified as external; also where ext... tor link dialog: when manually entering internal links, any link name that is not specified as being fro
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</nowiki>fckeditor<nowiki>\</nowiki>userfiles, if links to media and file have been successfully created ... }} **16.** Disable automatic creation of symbolic links in fckg/userfiles. This setting applies to instal... data/media is normally accessed through symbolic links in fckeditor/userstyles, which link to data/media
ckgedit_config @playground
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ymlinks]] |Disable automatic creation of symbolic links |false | |[[#direction|direction]] |Set language ... ta\media through ckgedit\fckeditor>\userfiles, if links to media and file have been successfully created ... mlinks === Disable automatic creation of symbolic links in fckg/userfiles. This setting applies to instal
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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About','keyboard'] \\ ] ; Wil je bv Fontformat links bovenaan de werkbalk zien, dan verplaats je de it... ileys kan je uitlijnen zoals andere afbeeldingen, links, rechts, midden of op de basislijn. Het voorbeeld
werkbalk @nl
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upgrade_5 @docs
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