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of this page has been fully created and formatted using fckgLite. ===== Toolbar ===== {{tag>toolbar t... and the text which surrounds them can be aligned using the “Image properties” dialogue which appears whe... after the base-lined image. For instructions on using the image file browser, go to the [[:media|filebr... e. ==== The Link Tool ==== For instructions on using the Link dialog, see [[:media#link_dialog|filebro
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s Style Configuration for Linux ==== If you are using a Linux system, before using the steps described below,try setting the [[:configuration#conf_24|winstyle... details on how to do this: [[#image_display_issue_using_direct_path|Image Display Issue using direct path]]. ==== Using a Direct Path to dokuwiki/data/media ==
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n** * Fixed plugin escapes so that plugins using ampersands are correctly handled. **10 Jan (Bra... ellechecker. If a language has not been selected using the language button in the editing window, spellc... etween media files and internal urls when site is using nice urls. (This bug may have crept in with Aug... * Added confirmation check for deleting files using the file browser. In frmresourceslist.html Unlink
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type your URL directly into the URL field. Links using the URL protocol are what Dokuwiki sees as [[http... ou can type the address directly into the editor, using Dokuwik markup; the Link dialog is not really nec... s in the Dokuwiki media directory must be created using the Link dialog. **Dokuwiki Internal Link ** is ... to convert an internal link to an external link, using the link editor, is [[:internal_to_external|demon
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ey toolbar item or with Dokuwiki's smiley markup. Using Dokuwiki markup, for instance, this:<nowiki> :</n... ages/smiley/msn/regular_smile.gif?direct&}} When using the FCKeditor smileys you can set your alignment ... le. You will get a normal File block. If you are using a distribution earlier than Sep 25 2010, you can ... erit >Blue type in 14 pt bold</font> ===== Using fckgLite in the Single User Configuration =====
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fckgLite. But footnotes still can also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax, text enclosed in doub... ext here<nowiki>)</nowiki>). - If you have been using fckgLite on your site, it is a good idea to clear... leshowsize=1& sort=mtime& changelog=1}} {{anchor:using_ckgedit}} If you have been using fckgLite and want to test out ckgedit, you must disable fckgLite. Disa
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The current version of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin manager or manually. Versions prior to... ctions|manual_instructions]] page. For more about using the plugin manager, you can look at the [[:docs:a... ows servers. **Important Caution** \\ If you are using a version of Dokuwiki dated before April 2011 (An... == The new dokuwiki template ==== If you are not using the "dokuwiki" template, initiated with Adora Bel
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:fckglite.epub.tgz}} You can download the manual using the .tgz link or by right-clicking on the .epub link and selecting "Save as. . ". If you are using Firefox and have the EPUBReader installed, you ca...|Calibre]]. This ebook was created using the [[|epub pl... mat. The pdfs have been converted from the ebooks using [[|Calibre]]. {{:docs:f
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RLs that have already been changed and needlessly using processing time. See the [[:faq#smileys|faq]] on ... is named ''fck_editorarea.css''. So, if you are using the 'default' template, then you should rename fc... talling the file browser]]. For instructions on using the file browser go to the [[:media|media]] page.
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ing whether or not an installation of fckgLite is using the upgrade **Image Dialog** * Added ima... lementation of 'safe' encoding.\\ \\ If you are using 'safe' encoding and are still using Anteater, you have two choices.\\ 1. You can upgrade to Rincewind o
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blue on yellow&#60;&#47;color&#62;</nowiki> ==== Using color in tables ==== ^Standard Table Header^Sta... \\ ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ ===== note ===== ==== Using the plugin tool ==== <plugin title="note" >~<~... important Announcement. Buy Canadian!</note> ==== Using Wrap ==== For a demo of the the complex wrap pl
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t use version 06 or later of fckgLite, if you are using one of these browsers. This is particularly impo... supporting the font tag, which fckgLite had been using for its font tool. fckgLite 06 fixes this problem... png?600x51 }} In some instances the transition using this button shortens the height of the editing wi
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- Fixed path recognition for images fetched using Windows-style file manager with additional regex ... mages **9 Dec** - Added footnote editor, using name inertHTMLCode (adapted that plugin for this ... * Prepended colon to image urls created when using url rewrite rules 1 and 2, so that images are pro
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ectories, which are created when files are moved, using the filebrowser, into directories named "secure",... kets inside code blocks (edit.php _preprocess()), using entities instead of "< " and " >", < and >. Patch... . This makes it possible now to install fckgLite using Dokuwiki's plugin manager. \\ **24 Nov**
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lementation of 'safe' encoding.\\ \\ If you are using 'safe' encoding and are still using Anteater, you have two choices.\\ 1. You can upgrade to Rincewind o
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